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[Linrad] Linrad and SRD-IQ Parameter Files

Will someone send a set pr parameter files for the SDR-IQ?

I want to look at a center freq of 20KHz with a bandwidth of 40KHz, or a
range of 100Hz to 40KHz.

>From Spectravue,
  CIC2 rate  8  scale 4
  CIC5 rate 30  scale 20
  RCF  rate  5  scale 0
  RCF Taps 256

  RF Gain +1-db
  GN Code 18
  Preamp Gain 17db

  6620 IF Gain +24db

  Filter Bandwidth 50KHz

FFT Ave 5
Smoothing 0
8192 FFT/BLK Size

>From par_sdr14:
  M_CIC2 [8]
  M_CIC5 [30]
  M_RCF [5]
  OL_RCF [0]
  Sampl. clk adjust [0]
  Att [0]
  Inp.sel [24]
  Check [2150200]

>From par_cw:
  First FFT bandwidth (Hz) [6000]
  First FFT window (power of sin) [2]
  First forward FFT version [0]
  First FFT storage time (s) [1]
  First FFT amplitude [1000]
  Main waterfall saturate limit [0]
  Enable second FFT [1]
  First backward FFT version [0]
  Sellim maxlevel [6000]
  First backward FFT att. N [2]
  Second FFT bandwidth factor in powers of 2 [2]
  Second FFT window (power of sin) [2]
  Second forward FFT version [0]
  Second forward FFT att. N [6]
  Second FFT storage time (s) [5]
  Enable AFC/SPUR/DECODE (2=auto spur) [0]
  AFC lock range Hz [150]
  AFC max drift Hz/minute [100]
  Enable Morse decoding [0]
  Max no of spurs to cancel [0]
  Spur timeconstant (0.1sek) [5]
  First mixer bandwidth reduction in powers of 2 [4]
  First mixer no of channels [1]
  Third FFT window (power of sin) [2]
  Baseband storage time (s) [5]
  Output delay margin (ms) [100]
  Output sampling speed (Hz) [11025]
  Default output mode [1]
  Audio expander exponent [3]
  A/D speed [138888]
  Check [259]

After I save the parameters I can get a waterfall display, etc.

The top reads 372500 373000 ... 375000, which I assume is frequency.
How do I change this to see the part of the spectrum I want?

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