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[Linrad] Re: Receiving sometimes stop

Hello again,

It seems that my RX10700 has problem. While trouble condition,
Linrad get a signal on 2.5 MHz and doesn't get a signal on
10.7 MHz from signal generator. (HF Rig with dummy load)

And I saw two other statuses of the waterfall. One was 3 times
Two is continuing:
last one is like self oscillation or using super preamp and I
get big noise from PC's speaker. It will go to normal level if
outputs from RX10700 is offline. I was aware that WSE boxes are
heating. Then, WSEs are cooled by electric fan and was reseted
by power OFF/ON, WSEs is working well now. But I got cold :)

Must WSE boxes have forced air cooling? I suspect the gap is
needed more and someone said it is needed 2cm gap at least
before... Gap of current setup at test bench is about 1 cm.

Isao / JM1WBB

On 2009/05/25, at 22:21, Isao SEKI - JM1WBB wrote:
> Hello Leif and all,
> I have still have the problem without any error message.
> I'm using two Kenwood PA18-3A Regulated DC Power Supply
> now and their volt meters are OK (about +15.5 and -15.5).
> Of course, I get many signals while normal operating.
> Can you see a screenshot?
> 	http://gongon.com/JM1WBB/linrad-1.png
> In waterfall it was normal operating at orange ellipse
> and other times were receiving stopping... Can you
> anyone advise me?
> tia 73,
> Isao / JM1WBB
> On 2009/05/15, at 4:33, Leif Asbrink wrote:
>> Hello Isao,
>>> At this moment I have another problems. One is receiving
>>> sometimes stops (noise level downs -5dB and receiving
>>> internal birdie only) for 5-20 minutes and returning. I
>>> guess my power supply cause a trigger and already ordered
>>> new one. But anyone has same problem and fixed, please
>>> let me know your detail.
>> In case your power supply becomes overheated so it switches
>> off or reduces the +15 or -15 DC supply (or both) you should
>> see it easily with a volt meter. I am not aware of anything
>> else that could produce a similar effect. Maybe better
>> positioning could improve coolign?

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