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[Linrad] Receiving sometimes stop


I am a newcomer and am setting WSE and Linrad on Debian.
One of my problem was fixed by kindness advice from Leif.

At this moment I have another problems. One is receiving
sometimes stops (noise level downs -5dB and receiving
internal birdie only) for 5-20 minutes and returning. I
guess my power supply cause a trigger and already ordered
new one. But anyone has same problem and fixed, please
let me know your detail.

Two is a internal birdie on center frequency of each pass
band. In problem one situation, also it is.

WSE 4 boxes for 144MHz
Delta 44 Sound card
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.1, OSS-linux-4.1-1052, Linrad-03.05b

Thanks in advance.

Isao / JM1WBB

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