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[Linrad] Re: Suspend linrad during TX

Hi Dave,

I don't suspend Linrad during transmit.  During the transmit period I  
put some attenuation in the incoming RF lines which are switched from  
the H/V array to 50 ohm dummy loads during the transmit period, and I  
then use Linrad as a transmit monitor.  I can use it to see where my  
signal is frequency-wise relative to the other guy, look at my signal  
width and quality, look for spurious emissions, and I have even picked  
up equipment malfunctions or 'features' this way.  I have used this  
technique for several years, beginning soon after Leif first came out  
with the WSE units, and have had no problem.  Receiver recovery is  
fast enough that I can hear my own echoes without dropout when I  
switch the inputs back to the H/V array on going from transmit to  
receive.  The transmitter was first an FT1000 MP MkV to an SSB  
Electronics LT2S, and then a K3 to the same, with the final amp being  
either an 8877 or 'a few' Russian tubes in an LZ2US amp with 'enough'  
power.  WIth all of the above equipment combinations, things worked  
fine as described.

I also used Linrad with the Flex5000 as the receiver [still  
transmitting with either the FT1000 or the K3 and xvtr, etc] with the  
above technique and had no problem, Dave.

What are u using for your tx and rx and why must you suspend Linrad?

If the delayed audio bothers you when sending CW, you can also blank  
the audio out with a couple of relays; I have that capability  
[selectable] as well for when I am sending manual CW [ not so often  
anymore], or for when I am getting unwanted signal back into the  
computers during transmit.

Hope that helps, and



On Apr 22, 2009, at 5:16 PM, Dave-W5UN wrote:

> Linrad needs some way to be suspended while in the transmit mode.
> Anyone have any ideas along this line?
> >

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