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[Linrad] Re: Suspend linrad during TX

Hi Dave,

Dave-W5UN wrote:
> Linrad needs some way to be suspended while in the transmit mode.
> Anyone have any ideas along this line?

You did not elaborate on why you want to do this.  I can 
imagine two reasons: to kill the audio while you are 
transmitting, and to prevent filling the waterfalls with 
hard-on-the-eyes white (saturated) stripes.

I kill the audio by having a small relay switch off the line 
to the speaker.  A capacitor in a simple circuit holds the 
relay in the "sound off" state for a time just larger than 
the Linrad's processing delay, so I don't get annoying 
transients at the end of a transmission.

To prevent horizontal white stripes on the waterfall I 
modified the screen display routine so that whenever the 
number number of white pixels would exceed a specified 
limit, the whole row is set to black instead.  In recent 
versions Leif has made this a permanent, user-settable 
feature.  It's in the "First FFT" setup menu, the item 
labeled "Main waterfall saturate limit".  Try changing it 
from 0 to 10, say. You can just edit the par_ssb file to 
change this parameter.

Roger, W3SZ, described another possible approach.

Maybe you had something very different in mind?

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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