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[Linrad] MAP65-IQ/LINRAD and windows vista


The latest MAP65-IQ and Linrad 3.05b is running stable now on my vista
laptop. I have montoring the JT65b GB3VHF beacon for nearly 24 hours
without any software crash and a decode nearly every sequence. :-)

First I had decode problems but I found out the cause:

1. The laptop has timing problems (hardware or software). The clock is
drifting severe. Why it does, I don't know yet.
Now its synchronising with an ntp server every 120 minutes the timing
problem is under control.

2. Windows Vista and Virtual Store when running programs in  C:
\Program Files. I think this feature in vista was causing problems
running MAP65-IQ and made it unstable. I solved it by installing MAP65-
IQ directly in de root (C:\), but maybe its better to switch off the
Virtual Store system.

73 Rob PE1ITR

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