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[Linrad] Re: What is Sampling Clock Shift in Linrad 03.05b


Read the various messages posted by Leif and myself in the recent
titled "Linrad-3.05".
The sampling clock shift is a way of correcting for errors in the
clock frequency
of the SDR-IQ for those that want Linrad to read the frequency
If you are having trouble getting things to run at all, just enter
zero for the moment.

Best wishes,

Guy  VK2KU

On Apr 9, 2:35 pm, "Thomas D. Dean" <tomd...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am using an SDR-IQ.
> I select U to set RX.  Linrad finds the SDR-IQ.  I enter CIC2, CIC5, RCF
> decimations and RCF output shift. 10,10,7,5
> The next prompt is:
>   Set sampling clock shift (Hz)
> What is this?
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