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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-IQ Wideband Decodes

Hi Guy,

> What are the upper and lower frequency limits on the MAP65-IQ wideband
> decodes?
> Are they supposed to be the same as the wide waterfall, or do they go
> wider?

Yes, the wideband decoding limits are supposed to be limited 
to the same range as the upper waterfall.

> For some time I have had the feeling that good signals at the bottom
> end of the wide waterfall were failing to decode.
> Then yesterday I had the opposite! My Linrad centre frequency was set
> low at 28.110, giving me a wide waterfall from 28.080 to 28.140. There
> happened to be intense activity surrounding H44HP just out of sight on
> the wide waterfall, but it all decoded onto the blue screens. Is that
> supposed to happen?

No, but maybe "just outside" was close enough?  I don't 
recall exactly how the limits are set.

> Even on the Linrad wide waterfall, the signals on 28.144 were well
> down the slope at the right hand end!

Being "down on the slope" may not matter very much.  The 
program "flattens" the spectrum anyway, determining a local 
baseline level at each potential decoding frequency.

	-- Joe

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