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[Linrad] MAP65-IQ Wideband Decodes


What are the upper and lower frequency limits on the MAP65-IQ wideband
Are they supposed to be the same as the wide waterfall, or do they go

For some time I have had the feeling that good signals at the bottom
end of the wide waterfall were failing to decode.
Then yesterday I had the opposite! My Linrad centre frequency was set
low at 28.110, giving me a wide waterfall from 28.080 to 28.140. There
happened to be intense activity surrounding H44HP just out of sight on
the wide waterfall, but it all decoded onto the blue screens. Is that
supposed to happen?
Even on the Linrad wide waterfall, the signals on 28.144 were well
down the slope at the right hand end!

73  Guy  VK2KU
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