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[Linrad] Re: [wsjtgroup] MAP65 crashes under Win XP


I changed the value in par_ssb_fg from [0.125...] to [144.125...] and 
for some reason MAP65 stopped crashing.   Thanks for the tip.  Now for 
some signals and some Tx testing!

jeff, wa1hco

Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>> Thanks for the reply.  the value of "freq" in par_ssb_fg got set to
>>     freq [0.124956000000000000000000000000]
>> I didn't know what to do with the MHz.  without setting "freq",
>> the waterfall display shows negative values.
>> The Rx lineup uses a Demi 144-28 and crystal controlled 28 MHz
>> Softrock centered on 144.124956 MHz.
> Tell this to Linrad by use of the freq control box:-)
> freq=144.124956
> Then MAP65-IQ should get the correct info from Linrad.
> (in your case no hardware is affected, but Linrad does not care...)
> 73
> Leif
> >

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