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[Linrad] Re: [wsjtgroup] MAP65 crashes under Win XP

Hi John,

> What is the frequency control box, where is the frequency control box and 
> what does it do?
See for example fig 1 here:
At the right side of the image, at the side of the high
resolution graph (fft2 with red dB scale) you can see a little
box containing 0.640 in its upper field and 0 dB in its lower.

That is the frequency control box.

What it does depends on the circumstances. If you play a recorded
file that already knows the frequency the control box is not
present. If you play a .wav file from which Linrad does not know 
how to extract the frequency you would have to enter the
correct frequency in the box 0.64 MHz in the above figure.

If you have a WSE system, SDR-14, SDR-IQ or Perseus, you have to 
enter the desired passband center in the control box. Linrad will 
then set the hardware for you and adjust the on screen frequency 
scale accordingly.

If you have some other hardware you are supposed to write your own 
code in a file users_hwaredriver.c that would control your own
hardware through USB, serial or parallel ports.

If you do not tell Linrad that you have a paralell port through
which you would control WSE units (or your own stuff) Linrad
would still allow you to write something into the frequency
control box. In that case the frequency would only be used to
shift the frequency scale.



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