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[Linrad] Additional information and tests

Hi Joe,

I was using MAP65-IQ the whole moon pass yesterday (BTW thanks for the QSO)
and the result was a little confusing.

Leif has suggested some changes in Linrad's parameters in order to
compensate the degraded reception. I will try them next weekend, however
yesterday MAP65-IQ was not able to decode any signal below -25 dB (level
according to MAP65-IQ) and often it was also failing decoding signals that
were -20 dB in WSJT, so I looks like there is something else. (I have
screenshots of this situation in case you are interested).

Regarding the other problem I reported, the reception stopping from time to
time, I have some more details. The reception is not resumed after clicking
on the waterfall (as I thought before), but it starts receiving again on its
own. If I leave the program receiving, without touching anything, after a
while it stops receiving for one, two or three periods, then it starts
receiving again.

I tried fully disabling the antivirus program and the problem persists, so
it's not an effect of the antivirus. I will stop other programs and services
running in the computer and see if I can find what is causing this.

I have just read your post to Linrad reflector and I'm sure it must be a
problem with my setup, but I was using the default values of the Linrad
installation that comes with MAP65-IQ, so I don't know....

Furthermore, if I use Linrad's audio output to feed WSJT (in the same
computer, using the VAC software) the reception is perfect, always within 1
dB regarding the reception with the Kenwood TS-790 (sometimes 1 dB better
with the TS-790, sometimes 1 dB better with Linrad)

I think I already mentioned it before, but the computer is a DELL D630
laptop with a Core 2 Duo processor at 2.3 GHz and 2 GB of memory.  The CPU
load is never very high, even during the decoding proceess it never goes
higher than 40%-50% (about 15% during reception)

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
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