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[Linrad] Re: Suggestions for future versions of MAP65-IQ

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your suggestions for MAP65-IQ program 
improvements.  I will put them on the list of "suggested 
features" that I keep ...

For what it's worth: in all of the areas you mention, 
MAP65-IQ and MAP65 have the same behavior.  I have been 
using MAP65 for a little over two years now, so I have 
become quite accustomed to its operation.

Although real-time updating of the waterfalls has been on my 
list of features to be added, I find that I really do not 
miss it very much; anyway, I am certain that my time has 
been better spent on other things.  I am not sure why you 
think that using Linrad's waterfall is "even less 
practical"; I make heavy use of it, myself, during a 
reception minute.  After an Rx minute is finished, I use the 
MAP65 waterfalls in case I need to adjust some decoding 
parameters, etc.

If the number of lines in the Messages window becomes too 
large, go to the Setup -> Options page are reduce "Timeout" 
from 20 min to something smaller.  I usually have mine set 
at 12 minutes.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Gabriel - EA6VQ wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> I know very well that we (the users) are a pain in the stomach and we only
> demand more and more features... hi..hi   But may be you could consider
> adding some of the following suggestions to your list, for some future
> version of MAP65-IQ
>>> Ability to resize the Messages window.  It would be great to be able to
> make it as high as the display permits, avoiding having to scroll up/down so
> often.
>>> Add a keyboard shortcut for the "Erase band map and messages" menu
> option.
>>> I think I already mentioned this before, but it would be very important
> to have the waterfalls displays updated in real time, or at least the
> detailed waterfall.  This is, for me, the most important drawback of MAP65
> regarding WSJT.  For now I get by having both MAP65 and WSJT running at the
> same time and using WSJT's waterfall to look at the signals on my working
> frequency, but it's not very practical.  And using Linrad's waterfall is
> even less practical.
> Best regards.
> 73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
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