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Re: F3 for walking through recorded files

Hi Leif,

I use F3 eg to walk to the next 1 min sequence of a CW EME station that has called CQ for 1 minute...
So I usually push F3 after a signal has ceased to produce sound...
But always with a signal "selected" (green vertical line on the waterfall or main or HiRes spectrum)!

I'll have a go on your test signal and report my findings...


Michel, ON7EH
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Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 11:01 PM
Subject: Re: F3 for walking through recorded files

Hi Michel,

I tried F3 on different raw files this evening. (03.03)

When I push on F3, I can see high speed wind forward action. THIS ALWAYS

However, when I push on F3 again, to go back to normal speed, by pushing F3
again, either Linrad :
1.immediately slows down (= immediate reaction after F3, this is expected!) 2.slows down after a longer period (some fractions of a second to one second
or so (this time varies apparently but NO prompt reaction)
3. does not seem to react after some seconds so I push again F3 and there it
will take either a long time or many tries to comeback
to normal speed. There is no indication whether the "slow down to normal
speed" command was received so one keeps pushing or wait...

The above is in line with the red square on the top left of the Linrad GUI. I.e. the red square is always active with high speed wind forward, the red
square always disappears with normal speed back.

What I wanted to know is if things go wrong as you describe here
also when you have selected a signal so you actually have
loudspeaker output when linrad runs at normal speed. F3 should
stop the loudspeaker and accelerate processing.

When no signal is selected I run into problems here. Not quite
as you observe though;-) Please try the attached file which
seems to run OK here.