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[Linrad] Re: SDR-IQ + LINRAD

Hi Leif,

> > I notice that without a calibration file there is an increase in
> > average noise just above the center frequency in the waterfall in my
> > configuration.  I think an appropriate calibration file will take care
> > of that discontinuity and other irregularities I haven't discovered
> > yet.
> NO. The response should be symmetric. Calibration (on the SDR-IQ) will
> be totally symmetric and can not change the amplitude differently on
> different sides of the center frequency.

You are correct.  I have both 5 and 8 pole filters in the K3.  I was
using the 5 pole version when I noticed the noise increase in the
waterfall, but when I switched in the 8 pole filter the waterfall
passband was much flatter.  Looks like I need to borrow a good signal
generator from the lab and calibrate the entire signal path.


Joe N6KK

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