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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-IQ Issues

Hi Leif and all,

The reason for the time displayed with decoded text in MAP65-IQ being 
local time, rather than UTC, seems to be that Windows linrad.exe (v3.02) 
is sending local time in each packet header.  Running under Linux, 
xlinrad (v02.34) sends UTC, so that is what MAP65-IQ is expecting.

Is there a reason for this different behavior?

If not, could you make the Windows and Linrad versions consistent in 
Linrad 3.03?  I am reluctant to put a "fix" into MAP65 or MAP65-IQ, 
because some people may want to send data packets to these programs from 
from Linux, while others do so from Windows.

	-- Joe, K1JT

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