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[Linrad] Re: MAP65-IQ Issues


I'm not sure whether you are getting emails while travelling,
so this is just a copy of my email:

I am having trouble with decoding saved IQ files!
I created the save directory - no problem there.
Save option set to "Save all".

With Linrad input and Fadd set to 116000,
both waterfalls are ok, and files are saved.
But on trying to read files back in, I get the correct
wide waterfall but nothing (black) in the narrow waterfall
and of course no decode.
Even if I set Fadd to zero, the narrow waterfall is still black.

One other point which may or may not be relevant.
I am using a Linrad centre frequency of 144.112 (rather than 144.130).
Is that a problem?

I am confused!

On Mar 8, 12:44 pm, Joe Taylor <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I would appreciate it if you would record
> a dozen or so, with lots of signals -- and preferably some examples of
> ones that you think should have decoded, but did not.
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