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[Linrad] Re: Linrad/sdr-IQ level adkustement?

SDR-IQ IF gain? SpectraVue or Windows? Or do you mean any of the the gain
settings in Linrad?

I did my measurements on Spectravue as I wanted to vary the gain , it was an 
easy place to do this , while being able to use the " continuum" information 
which is very usefull.
The gain I varied was in SDR-IQ setup:

1) RF gain : this one , I must not change it as I've found it's kills my 
noise floor

2) 6620 IF gain , originaly 24db , going to 0 in 6db steps , I noticed it 
changed almost nothing on the noise floor ( still preamp ON/preamp OFF 

I will study your message more in depth , tnx for help


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