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Hello JA,

1. Are parallel ports enabled in the BIOS  ?

for Windows XP Pro, under:

  START >> Control Panel >> System >> Hardware >> Device Manager
expand the Ports (Com and LPT) and see if LPT 1 is enabled and working.

2. If not, is the parallel port on the motherboard or on a plug in card 
like a PCI or a PCI-e ??
add the new hardware and use the drivers provided with the parallel card. Or
Load the motherboard drivers for the parallel card.

After a LPT port is available and working under Device manager,

Under: Device manager >> expand Ports (Com and LPT) >> and select the 
available LPT port
Then select or change under the PORT SETTINGS Tab, the LPT port needed, 
like LPT1
Verify under Device Manager, under the LPT1 , General Tab, that the LPT1 
port is working and enabled.

Start up LINRAD and enable the LPT1 WSE control during the initial set up.

Stan, W1LE   Cape Cod

Jeremy Alexander wrote:
> Aloha to all:
> I need some help from a Windows person. How can I use device manager to assign my Parallel Port to Linrad. I works flawless on two of my computers, the third newest one I try is not working. I put in Delta 44 and Linrad under Windows XP. I can not see any differences in any of the settings in the three machines?
> Can someone tell me how to talk to Windows about my PPort and make it talk to Linrad. Where do I go in Windows to do this?
> OR is there an ISSUE with Linrad V 3.02???
> Problem PC is 2.8GHz P4 and 2GB RAM, Windows XP.
> 73 Jeremy w7eme
> >

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