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Hi Jeremy

LPT port works good in Linrad 3.02 under Windows, you need to tell Linrad
when you configure first time if you are using LPT1 to control hardware like
WSE converters, to do that start Linrad from scratch and proceed to do the
initial setup:

1- run Linrad.exe
2- select s to start initial setup
3- select you font scale, let say 2
4- Select High process priority YES
5- Then you need to tell Linrad the parport address, select 888 to assign

Finish the rest of parameters as usual; it's important you have connected
your WSE converter properly according to Leif homepage.

If you still having problems I suggest:

1- Verify no other application is accessing the port LPT1
2- Try to change the type of LPT1 on the BIOS computer, the option ECP some
time give me problems with some specific computers, try to configure
different LPT port type option and see if it works.

73 de Alex, HB9DRI

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