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[Linrad] Re: Linrad and MAP65-IQ

Hi guys,

We are finally up and running. Using a DEM 144/28 converter with the
SDR and Map65-IQ as an EME band scope into a seperate computer, while
running WJT6  for RX/TX (TS-2000) on another.

I have noticed that the Freq reported in MAP65 is 4 MHZ off. I have
Linrad set to 28.130 and  Fadd to 116000.

Still running into issues where linrad freezes and needs to be
rebooted but Im running on only a  P3 1,GHZ with 512 MB.

I have not been able to decode anything below -22 db, Are there any
other settings to be played with on Linrad to increase sensitivity or
is it function of my limited  processing power ?

Thanks Joe and Leif for the new toy,


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