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[Linrad] Re: MAP65 for SDR-IQ

I ran into the same problem as some others, with "No Rx data" in MAP65-
and a Linrad screen message: Net_Write Error:xxxx
where xxxx is a number which grows rapidly and continuously.

I should add that this is a stand-alone  computer, 2.8GHz Celeron,
single core,
1.5GB RAM and running XP (SP2).
This machine is dedicated to running Linrad, WSJT6 (or MAP65-IQ), and
It has 2 screens and 2 serial ports (one for tx control, the other for
the GPS time Rx).
It has an "SIS 900-Based PCI fast ethernet adaptor" (whatever that
which sounds to me like an onboard network facility.
It has no network connection to the outside world, and no plug-in
Ethernet card.
Perhaps I am naive, but I assumed that the machine would talk to
itself without one.

I first tried disabling the Windows Firewall - no effect, which was no
I then followed Joe's advice, and changed the ip address in
The computer was not configured to have an ip address (none needed),
so I gave it one from the usual series. I may not have done this
Anyway, it didn't help.

I am now beyond my expertise!
Is this something simple?
Do I need a Network card?
If so, perhaps it is time to upgrade to a dual core (or better)
which might handle the 3 programs (2 needing lots of processing) more


On Mar 3, 5:25 am, Joe Taylor  wrote:
> Several users trying to set up Linrad and MAP65-IQ on a single Windows
> computer have reported that the "localhost" address fails to
> work as expected.  I do not yet know why this fails; apparently Windows
> (or maybe another program running in the background?) prevents Linrad
> from sending packets explicitly to
> Anyway, as a solution -- on the Linrad "Network set up" screen enter the
> computer's own IP address for item #2.
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