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[Linrad] Re: Having a problem changing network settings on Linrad

An update...

I found one thing out...I was using a version that K1JT had not
recommended. I switched to version 3.02 and am getting closer. Version
3.02 (maybe earlier ones) permits setting the netsend IP address in a
local file.

However, now I have a new issue. Linrad runs fine until I enable
network output. When I start LINRAD in SSB with network output
enabled, the computer grinds to a halt. The computer is a P4 single
processor 3.0 GHz running XP. I watch the CPU and file space
utilization and don't see anything of concern there, so am not sure
what's happening. I don't have anything else assigned to the IP
address I had run another network application using that
address earlier today and it ran fine. That application is not active,
so I don't think there is any conflict.

Anyone have any suggestions?


On Mar 1, 5:02 am, "nedstea...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <nedstea...@xxxxxxxxx>
> I am trying to get MAP65-IQ running and am pretty close, I think.
> Basically, I am not getting MAP65-IQ "connected" to Linrad. Linrad is
> running fine and the network output is toggled ON. I suspect that the
> network settings are no right but I am unsure what to do.
> I am running Linrad version 2.47 on windows. I am running Linrad and
> MAP65-IQ on the same computer.
> In the network setup in Linrad, the Send address is Joe's
> notes suggest to change the network address to When I try
> to change the send address, I only can change the last number in the
> IP address from 1  to 12. I have looked at all of the files created by
> Linrad and do not see where the SEND address is stored, so I am not
> sure of any other way to change it.
> Can anyone tell me how to get the network settings in one or the other
> applications to be the same.
> Thanks,
> Ned
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