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[Linrad] Having a problem changing network settings on Linrad

I am trying to get MAP65-IQ running and am pretty close, I think.
Basically, I am not getting MAP65-IQ "connected" to Linrad. Linrad is
running fine and the network output is toggled ON. I suspect that the
network settings are no right but I am unsure what to do.

I am running Linrad version 2.47 on windows. I am running Linrad and
MAP65-IQ on the same computer.

In the network setup in Linrad, the Send address is Joe's
notes suggest to change the network address to When I try
to change the send address, I only can change the last number in the
IP address from 1  to 12. I have looked at all of the files created by
Linrad and do not see where the SEND address is stored, so I am not
sure of any other way to change it.

Can anyone tell me how to get the network settings in one or the other
applications to be the same.



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