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Hello Leif and all the gang,

I found that I had a problem of  "double installation" .

When I started to try to load Linrad I found few probelms and I decided to go with the Debian Linrad distribution from Roger W3SZ. This was working. But I think this Deb distr do not have the update for SDR-IQ. SO maybe this is the problem of the error I was finding.

So I tried again to compile and install thinking that the "make" command would have replaced the Deb dist. Apparently I was succesfull in compiling but this was not true and typing the command "linrad" I was always running the Deb distro even if the compilation was ok.

I decided to restart from scractch and I reloded UBUNTU and tried again to go to compilation again ( skipping Deb ), but I am stuck with following error :

when I execute the "make linrad" : I receive following error

make : *** [lsetad.ol ] Error 1

If I execute "make sdr14" compilation seems to be ok but when I try to exectute system says "command not found".

I am using UBUNTU 8.1

.... any hint ???

Thanks from a newcomer !!!

Mario, I0NAA

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To: "Mario A. Natali, I0NAA" <mario.i0naa@xxxxxxxxx>;
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5:45 AM
Subject: Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hello Mario,

I am I0NAA, Mario . I am based in Assisi, Italy JN63HB.

I am a newcomer for LINUX and LINRAD .... so my question
could  be too low level to post on the forum and I asking
directly you !
No. It is not. Any problem that anyone interested in starting to
use Linrad runs into is of interest on the mailing list.
If you have a problem, other newcomers will surely have
the same problem.
I have posted this reply on the mailing list. Maybe others
can add ideas.

After some pain ... I  was able to install and compile
everyhting and I was able to start LINRAD 02.47 !

(There should not have been any pain. You had some because of
missing or misleading information. I can not improve
things without feedback.....)

I connected thru USB an SDR IQ and when I started LINRAD
I got following message :

An SDR-14 is detected.
Do you want to use it for RX input (Y/N)?

I answer Y and LINRAD message is :

Target name : SDR-IQ
Unknown hardware, can not use.
Press any key
Nobody has reported this before.

Here is the program code (from sdr14.c):

1:    sprintf(s,"Target name: %s",sn);
2:    SNDLOG"%s\n",s);
3:    lir_text(5,10,s);
4:    if( strcmp(sdr14_name_string,sn) == 0)
5:      {
6:      ui.rx_addev_no=SDR14_DEVICE_CODE;
7:      }
8:    if( strcmp(sdriq_name_string,sn) == 0)
9:      {
10:     ui.rx_addev_no=SDRIQ_DEVICE_CODE;
Line 1 moves whatever name your hardware has claimed it
has (sn) to the string s.
Line 3 displays on screen and you say it is "SDR-IQ" as
Line 8 should become true since SDRIQ_DEVICE_CODE is
"SDR-IQ" and that should set ui.rx_addev_no.

In your case it does not. Maybe the reason is that your
SDR-IQ has a more recent firmware version. Maybe there are
blanks inserted or something else. I do not know.
I am now in the Dominican Republic and I can do nothing
from here. I do not own any SDR-IQ so I can not make
any tests myself even when I am back home.

After that the system goes searching for an audio card
and so I can not use anymore the SDR-IQ !!
Yes. Your hardware is not what Linrad expects.....

The strange thing is that  I was able to install Quisk
program from  Jim Ahlstrom N2ADR that also drive SDR-IQ
and everything is OK, so I am assuming that LINUX
( UBUNTO ) installation works ok !
OK. Please try the following:
1:    sprintf(s,"Target name: %s",sn);
2:    SNDLOG"%s\n",s);
3:    lir_text(5,10,s);

while(sn[i] != 0)

4:    if( strcmp(sdr14_name_string,sn) == 0)
5:      {
6:      ui.rx_addev_no=SDR14_DEVICE_CODE;
7:      }
8: /*   if( strcmp(sdriq_name_string,sn) == 0) */
9:      {
10:      ui.rx_addev_no=SDRIQ_DEVICE_CODE;

The message "Target name: SDR-IQ" should be now be
followed by [nn][mm]... where nn,mm,... are
the ascii codes of the text string your unit actually
has returned. There could be a [32] (blank) at the end.

Secondly, by commenting out line 8, ui.rx_addev_no will say
that there is an SDR-IQ on your system regardless of what
your hardware claims it is.

I am totally stuck ..... any hint ?
A first hint would be to send questions to the mailing list;-)
There are a couple of SDR-IQ users and they may have ideas.

Another possibillity is that there is a timing problem in the
USB link (or rather Linrads way of dealing with it) that
causes something (invisible) to be appended to the name string.
Try to reset the SDR-IQ (unplug power) before you start
Linrad. Another way, unplug the USB connector, unplug power,
put power back, connect USB, start Linrad.

I assume you were sucessful in running "make sdr14". You have
to reboot the computer for the driver to install automatically.
I do not have any idea whether the Quisk driver would work
with Linrad without modifications. It is possible that
the Linrad driver is installed in parallel with the Quisk driver
on your system with unpredictable results. (I know nothing
about Quisk)

In case you have a running Windows system I suggest you try
Linrad.exe to see whether your hardware behaves as expected.
(Linrad uses the same code for Windows and Linux)

In case it works under Windows, the problem is drive routines.
If it does not work under Windows, the problem is firmware
(I think.....)