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[Linrad] Re: LINRAD and SDR IQ

Hi Mario,
> I found that I had a problem of  "double installation" .
That is not possible. 

> When I started to try to load Linrad I found few probelms and I decided to 
> go with the Debian Linrad distribution from Roger W3SZ. This was working. 
> But I think this Deb distr do not have the update for SDR-IQ. SO maybe this 
> is the problem of the error I was finding.
Maybe. Originally Linrad only supported SDR-14.

> So  I tried again to compile and install thinking that the "make" command 
> would have replaced the Deb dist. Apparently I was succesfull in compiling 
> but this was not true and typing the command "linrad" I was always running 
> the Deb distro even if the compilation was ok.
Linux comes in distributions of many generations, that is why I do
not distribute the linrad executable file. One always has to compile
Linrad on the same computer on which it will be used. (Now, that
is of course not quite right, the executable file can be moved between 
computers that use the same generation of compilers, sound system etc.)
> I decided to restart from scractch and I reloded UBUNTU and tried again to 
> go to compilation again ( skipping Deb ), but I am stuck with following 
> error :
>  when I execute the "make linrad" : I receive following error
> make : *** [lsetad.ol ] Error 1
Linrad can not compile the file lsetad.c because some file is missing
on your system. Presumably your UBUNTU misses the package libasound2-dev
which is necessary for compilation on a computer where Linrad detected
an ALSA sound system (when ./configure was run)

> If I execute "make sdr14" compilation seems to be ok but when I try to 
> exectute system says "command not found".
> I am using UBUNTU 8.1
Yes, you have no linrad executable so the ./linrad command is not available.
UBUNTU is designed for office users. It does not have compilers and normally 
used libraries by default (I think)
try: apt-get install libasound2-dev

The problem is that different distributions may have their files
at different places. I do not know enough of Linux to be able to
extend the configure script so it can decide whether the sound system
libraries and header files are completely installed. Surely I can easily
do that for Debian (and so also for UBUNTU) but that could cause
errors on other distributions of which I do not know enough.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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