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[Linrad] Re: Linrad-03.01

Hello John,

> In my world...
> Vista Ultimate 32 bit
> Quad core processor
> Linrad 3.01
> Unmodified Delta 44 sound card
> The selection of "extended"  yields the following error message...
> [1156]Could not open soundcard device for input: WAVERR_BADFORMAT
> Attempted to open with an ussupported waveform~audio format/

OK. That is what I expected.....
Maybe, if you try without "extended" Linrad will become
stable on your system. The problems you have seen might
have been caused by Linrads persiting attempts to open
with the extended format. I might have made a mistake
with the flags counting the attempts to open. Now,
forcing you to deselect the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE format
that is unsupported on your system, Linrad should always
be sucessful with the open statement to the device driver.

There should be a driver available for Vista that would
allow 4 channels and 24 bit. Some Vista Gury might know....



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