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Output Delay Margin

I am having some trouble understanding this parameter!
I understand Amplitude Margins, and how to check them with 'A'.
But what is the effect of setting a Margin in advance?
There are examples on Leif's website where the Output Delay Margin is
set to zero,
yet there is non-zero delay in the output processing.
So what exactly does it all mean?

Leif has written that setting a small value for this parameter will
yield a small processing delay.
I don't understand how this works.

He has also said that if D/A Min (press 'T' for Timing) falls to zero,
then the Output Delay Margin is set too small.
My D/A Min always falls to zero before the baseband waterfall is
completely filled,
irrespective of the value I use for the Output Delay Margin (25 to

73  Guy  VK2KU
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