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Re: parameters - ssb receiver and single polarization

Hello Leif,

I have concentrated on the wcw parameters and have changed a few things
on the cw parameters, but I have not tried modifying any of the others.
 My wcw waterfall trace is comparable to my WSJT waterfall in
sensitivity, and it has greater selectivity.  My primary interest is in
2 meters and 70 cm EME, so any advice you can give me on improving
sensitivity will be greatly appreciated.

73, Phil - N1KI

Leif Asbrink wrote:
> Hello Phil,
>> Thanks Leif,  I have been receiving overrun_error on the screen in
>> both weak signal and calibration screens.  What can I do to correct
>> this?
> Tis error is because the thread that is responsible for servicing
> the interrupts from the hardware does not get permission to
> start in time. I could have made a mistake that you suffer from
> since your input should be very slow due to the small bandwidth.
> Please pack all the parameter files into a zip file and send it
> to me.
> Meanwhile, try (using the Task Manager) to "Bring to Front" to
> make Windows less anxious to use the CPU for its internal things.
> If I can see any problems under windows with any of my computers
> with your parameters, I will check the way the buffers are
> set up because then there is a mistake somewhere.....
> 73
> Leif

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