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Re: Linrad Block Diagram

Hi Guy,

> This is the first of many questions I have in my drive to better
> understand Linrad and its parameters.
> Is there a complete and up-to-date block diagram of Linrad?
> I have the one from QEX May/June 2003 p38, and also the one from
> linroot.htm.
This is the latest one.

> The QEX one is more than 4 years old, with one of the noise limiters
> "Not Yet Implemented".
Yes. Nobody yet answered to my request for 'challenges'.
I need real life recordings from those situations where
a limited bandwidth blanker will outperform the wideband

> Not sure which noise limiter it is since the two are not flagged as
> dumb and smart,
> but presumably the smart NL is the one after timf2, and the dumb one
> after timf3.
No. The dumb and the smart blankers operate on timf2. There is not
yet any blanker on timf3. I will add it when I have received a 
couple of files with recordings from HF bands with lightening
crashes or other kinds of interference that is pulse-like but
that is distorted due to multi-path propagation or otherwise
in a way that makes the wideband blankers inefficient.

> The linroot diagram is more recent but less detailed.
> I would like to study a much more detailed and current block diagram.
> Is there anything out there?

> I briefly contemplated trying to draw my own from studying the source
> code,
> but the lack of detailed comment lines at the function level makes
> this a daunting task!
Yes. Linrad is actually VERY complicated in that it has so many
modes of operation. I have avoided to discuss most of the complications
that are 'technical' in nature and tried to focus more on those
that have some fundamental significance.

> I am trying to draw up some helpful comment on the many setup
> parameters in Linrad,
> as much for my own benefit as that of others, but there is much I need
> to learn before I can complete this.
I hope different users can interact and perhaps find out
clever things that I never thought about myself:-)

> BTW I have posted a list of the Linrad Setup Parameters I am currently
> using at
> http://www.vhfdx.radiocorner.net/LinradParameters.html
> I am waiting to add them to the Linrad public listing until I am more
> sure that they are
> reasonably free from obvious stupidities.
> I have also drafted some comment on using the SDR-IQ with Linrad at
> http://www.vhfdx.radiocorner.net/LinradSDRIQ.html
I have to leave for home tomorrow. 

When back home I will be very busy for a while, but I will save this
mail and check your sites some day after X-mas.



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