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Re: Linrad Block Diagram

Hi Dave,
> I was hoping to 
> have more sensitivity on the SDR so I could dig some weak ones out that 
> I could not copy on my IF radio. So far, I have not been able to do 
> that. Thus, my interest in your set of alternate parameters in hope of 
> achieving this goal.
You might be able to supply me a challenge:-)

Make a recording (press 'S') some time when you can not 
quite copy a signal. Then send the file and all your

There are particularly two situations. 

1) Very stable signals that are just a little too weak.
2) Unstable signals that drift too rapidly to allow a 
   narrow filter even though the keying and qsb (path 
   modulation) is slow enough to otherwise allow very 
   narrow filters.

Linrad can do something in such cases, but do not expect
too much....

But first, verify that the noise floor in Linrad drops
by at least 15 dB when you switch off the DC power to
the transistor in the very first amplifier nearest the


Leif / SM5BSZ

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