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Re: Linrad Block Diagram

Hello Guy,

I have looked at your setup pages for Linrad. I haven't tried them yet, 
but my application should be very similar to yours. I work weak signal 
CW on the microwave bands. I have an SDR-14 and I switch between the 
0-30 and direct inputs to look at either the 28 mhz IF from one of four 
transverters on 50-144-222-or 432 mhz. On the direct input I look at the 
144 mhz IF from one of six selected transverters on 903, 1296, 2304, 
3456, 5760, or 10368 mhz.

I have been using the set up parameters as listed by W3SZ. I will try 
yours and see if I can notice any difference. I am curious to see if the 
setting for the SDRIQ will work for the SDR-14 on the 0-30 mhz input.

On the direct input I had to insert an LNA and band pass filter for the 
144 mhz band. I saw too many phantom signals on the display. After 
putting the BPF/LNA combination in place it all cleaned up very well.

So far, the sensitivity of the SDR is about equal to my IF radio. The 
only advantage is that I don't have to tune up and down to find off 
frequency signals (and that is a very nice advantage). I was hoping to 
have more sensitivity on the SDR so I could dig some weak ones out that 
I could not copy on my IF radio. So far, I have not been able to do 
that. Thus, my interest in your set of alternate parameters in hope of 
achieving this goal.

Keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas and 73,

Dave, K4TO

VK2KU wrote:
> Thanks Leif, that makes things a lot clearer.
> Hope the holiday was good.
> Guy
> On Dec 19, 9:18 am, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> No. The dumb and the smart blankers operate on timf2. There is not
>> yet any blanker on timf3. I will add it when I have received a
>> couple of files with recordings from HF bands with lightening
>> crashes or other kinds of interference that is pulse-like but
>> that is distorted due to multi-path propagation or otherwise
>> in a way that makes the wideband blankers inefficient.
> > 

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