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Re: Hello

Hi Dave,

> In order to change my SDR-14 from the Direct (144 mhz) input to the 0-30 
> mhz input I have to send a command to the SDR. I can do that through the 
> Linrad program but must go back to where I can select the letter U 
> option. Then I have to enter all of the parameters again, including 
> which input of the SDR I want. It would be no problem if I had two SDRs 
> and use one on the 28 mhz IF and one on the 144 mhz IF.  I may have to 
> buy another SDR of some type and run another session of Linrad in order 
> to use both simultaneously.

The idea with Linrad is that you have a separate directory with
all the parameters and calibration files for each hardware configuration.
One would then run separate sessions of Linrad for the different
configurations. If two configurations use the same hardware but
need different parameters, for example X-pol on 144 and H-pol
on higher microwave bands with WSE converters, it may be necessary
to press 'X' on one session and then 'B' on the other one to
prevent two sessions to try to use the same hardware.

The way I have intended Linrad to work for hardware control is
via users_hwaredriver.c where owners of i.e. SDR-14 could
add a command to change the input connector, perhaps control
other relays via parallel, serial, USB or whatever interface
that the hardware likes.

Maybe the most convenient procedure would be something like 

To change hardware, first press 'X'.
You now have the choices 'B','P' and 'C' for single
polarisation and also 'D' for X-pol.

I could add the options:
1 = some_directory_name
2 = another_directory_name
3 = yet_another_directory_name

Which would then be the source for parameter and calibration
files until session ends or another directory is selected
the same way. (Pressing B would set the initial directory
as the default one.)

You would have to specify the directory names in a file
like this:

some_directory_name A
another_directory_name C
Yet_another_directory_name D

The letter after the directory name would be sent to a routine
in users_hwaredriver.c where you can catch it and make Linrad
send whatever the hardware wants in order to adjust itself in 
accordance with the desired operation.

It seems to me that the above would be reasonably easy to
implement (back home where I have some hardware...)

Do you see any problems with this approach? Hopefully it
would work for the Tx side also:-)

Comments welcome!



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