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[linrad] Re: Mandriva 2006.1-0.3 Free

leif@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Richard,

This says that the release is highly unstable. It is changed very
frequently and therefore it is a hopeless task for others who depend
on kernel headers that they follow established standards. As far as
I understand Mandriva has their own standards and the latest stable release seems to be Mandriva 10

Wrong go read all the release notes.

I spent quite some time at the Mandriva site but I did not pay to
become a member of their club.

IF they offer the information that you suggest I should read to non-members they do it in a non-transparent way. I was not clever
enough to find proper release information.

Mandriva is now released anually, with club updates quartely .

Forget the club. My only interest is what I can download for
free. I have no interest whatsoever in whatever software they may
offer except for basic Linux softwares that all distributions
contain. My only interest was to verify that those parts of
Linrad that I have any control over are compatible with Mandriva. And they are indeed.

I just want to issue a WARNING to all sensible radio amateurs
What Mandriva currently offers can not be used with OSS (yet?)

You have been looking at the Decemcember club update with all the Christmas penguins.

NO I have downloaded the only choice for a free download.
I have not seen any Christmas penguins.

The official tree 2006.0 only carries security , bugfixs, etc
NOT NEW S/W that waits until Mandriva 2007.

Hmmm, the problem to others is that bug-fixes in the kernel
may disturb compatibility in a very unpleasent way.....

The kernel is the main part of ANY release, you have just got a downer on Mandriva,,
how about have one on Suse for adding all the local file structures.

You are totally missing the point. I am trying (very hard) to make
you understand that it takes some time for others to adapt to the changes
different companies choose to make in their kernel or file systems.

No Leif, I'm sorry to say it is the other way a round , this "argument" has continued
several years off and on already.

When you produce a distribution, whether linux. MACOS of even windows, it has to work for the
When you get one man one band delevopers not following the direction thedistro is moving, causes major problems. OSS has been a pain for a long while, the only direction that's going now is to extinction, its a software dinosaur.
Alsa drivers for the delta44/66 cards work, Alsa is built into the kernel, its now the standard.

The other danger with OSS is that is an off shoot of a commercial body.

Leif why not a long last drop the supporting apps for linrad that have just one maintainer,

Step back look at linrad, the functionality is there, you know what your doing, and change its reputation from a ball breaking app to get going, from one that's too specialised to use, and the worse for moderm Hams, one that's unattractive and not easy to use.

Please look at running with ALSA and in an X-window , Xorg seems more popular than xfree86, and if I remember right that was only due to the xfre86 on man band wanting more acknowledgement for the work he'd done.

Have a look a Alberto's graphics in winrad, which runs in Crossover office better than wine.

Come Leif if you coped with the change in which side of the road you drive on back in the 60's, it is so difficult to look at the areas of linrad that would really get it well known and heavily used.

mvh 73

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