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Re: [linrad] Linux

John Harrison, NI1B wrote:
> Hi all,
>    You might also consider Knoppix and Debian (both free). Here, knoppix
> seems to be pretty good.
>    regards,
>    john, ni1b

Forget Debian unless you have many long hours to spend.  I'd prefer
Debian for many reasons but it requires that one have tons of spare
time with a love for patient tweaking of apps and devices.

Knoppix is a great effort to try and make Debian a bit more "user

What I like about SuSE is that I don't have to spend so much time 
coaxing the OS, apps, and hardware into playing nice with one
another and therefore get more time to use my computer for its
intended purpose.

I enjoy the challenge of Debian and Knoppix, as well as the philosophy 
behind Debian, I just don't have the time or the knowledge.

One thing that may assist in your decision is to determine if your
hardware and apps are already known to work well with Debian/Knoppix.
And avoid "winmodems" and other proprietary hardware and software (read: 
unavailable drivers and oddball dependencies) like the plague!

IMHO, YMMV ... 73, doc kd4e

"Wars and rumors of wars, disasters, and social decay,
yet undaunted for love and peace we pray."  dmc