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RE: [linrad] Linrad01-12

Hi Leif and Bob,

   Very good thought Bob :)) 

   I would suggest seperate programs. That way the display portion could
even run on another machine :). There could be a VGA display program and
also an X windows display program.

   There could even be multiple Linrad "receivers" feeding a common X
windows display/control machine. With one window for each "receiver". Now
that WOULD be cool. 

   I could watch propogation on multiple ham bands at the same time :).

   I bet if you made a beginning, myself and Leif and others could tweak
the various parts. 

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Robert McGwier wrote:

> It should be possible, especially under Linux, to have
> graphics painting and signal processing on separate threads.
> The signal processing is on the highest priority thread
> and the screen gets repainted when it can.  You can force
> a repaint every N tries or M msec, etc.
> Bob
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> Hi all,
> After upgrading from a 600MHz PIII to a 2.6GHz PIV I
> found some problems with Linrad.
> 1) The serial interface to the WSE converters was intended
> to have a timing from the system clock. A simple bug caused
> this to not function, causing timing ti be determined by
> processor speed. Did not work on the PIV;)
> Now corrected.
> 2) When receiving large bandwidth (SSB/AM/FM) the
> update rate for graphs becomes the limiting factor.
> 00-12 has slightly more efficient graphics that update
> the screen less frequently. An AM station at 6 kHz
> bandwidth that used 90% of the available CPU resources
> on Linrad01-11 now uses about 10% of the CPU time.
> 3) When running Linrad on a computer with small memory,
> the error messages indicating no more memory available
> do not work in old Linrad versions if the swap file is
> enabled. The Linux kernel just allocates memory on the hard
> disk. Linrad-01.12 uses memory locking to ensure Linrad and
> it's data will not be swapped. If locking fails an "out of
> memory" will tell the operator to select less demanding
> parameters.
> Bug reports are welcome.
>   73
>  Leif / SM5BSZ