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RE: [linrad] Linrad01-12

Hi Bob,

> It should be possible, especially under Linux, to have
> graphics painting and signal processing on separate threads.
> The signal processing is on the highest priority thread
> and the screen gets repainted when it can.  You can force
> a repaint every N tries or M msec, etc.

Linrad uses a very simple strategy. What I added for 
version 01-12 is that spectra are no longer updated 
each time they are recalculated, now they are 
updated four times during the time span over which
they are averaged. I do not see why separate threads
would be an advantage. Maybe the code would be easier
to understand, but the number of writes to the screen 
would not be different. The user has to specify what 
he wants and the user should do the compromise according
to what he is interested in. Linrad (that is me, the 
programmer) should not take the decisions for him.