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RE: [linrad] Linrad and Mandrake 9.2

Hi Richard,

> I have downloaded various options including the source and several rpm's 
> without success. I got to the point where I had  unpacked the tgz  -> 
> tar file in /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.4.3 and ran make install as root in 
> a terminal. I ended up with errors - various  files "do not have a valid 
> preprocessing token"  and make exits with errors 1 and 2
As a general rule one should start by making a custom installation
of the Linux distribution. Select the option "install everything"
I do not know, but maybe the errors are due to some missing package.

I would like to try Mandrake 9.2 if someone would arrange the free
part of it for me.(Two CD's out of three as in Mandrake 8.1??) 

All the Mandrake distributions I tried before were very easy,
more user-friendly than other distributions of the same vintage.
I have tried Mandrake 7, 8.0 and 8.1. They all install svgalib
and Linrad without errors. Would be interesting to see why
9.2 does not if you find the problem is still there after a 
custom installation with "install everything". To save
disk space you might just say you do not have the third CD
when asked to insert it. That is the procedure to follow 
with Mandrake 8.1 anyway:)

> The install appears to remove any previous versions as part of the 
> makefile. 
If you already had svgalib on the system it might be a good
idea to type "make clean" before typing "make install".


Leif / SM5BSZ