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[linrad] RE: lir-01.15

Hello all,

The svgalib package seems to be a common problem.

W2HES wrote:
> I tried lir-10.15 yesterday on my Red Hat 9/Pentium 4 system and 
> got the following error messages:
> "cannot find -lvgagl" during compilation and
> "no such file or directory" when I tried to run Linrad (./linrad).
> I was somewhat surprised at this as I did not encounter  problems 
> with  lir-01.14.

Very hard to understand. I guess you have two directories, one
containing linrad-01.14 and another containing linrad-01.15 (??)

Can you run ./configure and then make on one of them but not the other?
Please verify that this is really true. (It should not be possible
as far as I understand)


Leif / SM5BSZ