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[linrad] RE: Linrad-01.15

Hello Dan and all,

> "How is device svga created and configured??"

/dev/svga, /dev/svga1, /dev/svga2 ..... are not part of svgalib. 
I have no idea where they come from but as far as I
know Linrad and svgalib does not use them.

> "Are there dependencies beyond svgalib??"
I am not sure I know what dependencies really means in Linux;)

Linrad comes as source code only. Therefore you have to
have certain packages installed, but Linrad does not care what
version you have, you just have to have any version of gcc, nasm 
and make properly installed. The same is for svgalib. It comes 
as source code but it does not matter what gcc you have as long 
as you compile it on the computer you want to use it on.
Sometimes svgalib is included in packages in a way that does not
work with linrad. Probably very easy to fix - but I do not know
how to do it. When I have had such problems I just install 
svgalib from source code and that always fixed the problem.
(There has been combinations of compilers and svgalib versions
that required some trivial adjustment of the source code to
make the compiler accept the code. I no longer remember the
details. It was several years ago)

In case you copy executable files or run time libraries
from other systems or use rpm packages that are not correctly
put together (???) you may run into all sorts of problem with
missing files. Probably simple things, but I do not know how to
fix them - I have had such problems but I never bothered to 
find out since solving all problems by compiling fresh from 
source code so much easier conceptually.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ


Leif / SM5BSZ