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RE: [linrad] Mirroring of Waterfall

Hello Sigurd and all,

> I am trying to write a user defined routine so I can control my Kenwood
> TS-690S.
> I took the user.c program made a minor change to it and copied it to
> user_hwaredriver.c and did ./clean ./configure and a make.
> When I ran linrad, and tried to copy cw, I found the spectral data was
> between 20 KHz and 24 KHz, apparently mirroring around 1/2 my sample
> frequency of 48 KHz.  Spoke to Roger W3SZ about this and he said 
> it might be
> a problem with the "Frequency Selection Box"
> Any ideas?

You can set the frequency from the "frequency selection box" but
you could also turn the knob on the TX-690S and read the frequency
information into Linrad.

set fg.passband_direction = 1 or -1 depending on whether you receive
USB or LSB. If you use the frequency selection box, the frequency
you have entered into the box appears in fg.passband_center.

The arrows in the frequency control box add or subtract 
fg.passband_increment which you have to set somewhere,
maybe in userdefined_q. If you set hware_flag=1 here, your
hware_contlol routine will be called at regular intervals so
you can use it to communicate with the TS-690S and find out
from it if the frequency has been changed. If it has, just
update fg.passband_center and call show_center_frequency() to
have scales redrawn. 

If you turn the knob continously and the graphics turns out to be
too slow to handle it, put a counter in users.c and update only
every N'th time ( or if the frequency you read is the same as 
the previous X times)

I do not have any modern radio that Linrad could talk to so 
the above is as far as I am able to help.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ