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Re: [linrad] svgalib_helper.o problem

David Anderson GM4JJJ wrote:
> Thanks again Richard, yes I have found svgalib_helper.o in  
> /lib/modules/2.3.3-1.427/kernel/misc
> Not sure what to try now?
> On 14 Jun 2004, at 5:18 pm, Richard wrote:
>> have you searched for the module ?
>> you should find something like
>> /lib/modules/2.6.3-7mdk/kernel/3rdparty/svgalib_helper/ 
>> svgalib_helper.ko.gz


I'm not familiar with what Redhat have done with fedora.
They've obviously gone their own way with kernels as the modules from
the standard linux kernel which is up to at least 2.6.7 all are 
compressed ( gzipped).
All I can suggest is to go on to one of the redhat mailing lists and ask
As the module is there , its not a linrad thing its back to the distro.
AS its not compressed try using insmod and look in /proc/modules to sewe 
if it loaded.
Sorry cant be of more help