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[linrad] linrad , mixer problem

Hello !
I am trying to prepare Linrad in audio mode. I have Red Hat Linux 9 and I
use KDE and its mixer. I have problem with setting up mixer becouse If I
disconnect the soundcard input from output - the signal dissappeares in
Linrad also. If it is connected - I hear both input signal and Linrad output

Could You help me with setting the mixer ?

My mixer set up :
IGAIN - both options are not selected
OGAIN - both options are not selected
I tried many times with different options selected but everytime I
disconnect soundcard input from its output - the signal don't go to Linrad
also. My soundcard is Soundblaster Live! 5.1

I would also be happy if someone could send me some examples of Linrad
parameters to try in audio mode.

I would also be interested if someone compared Linrad in audiomode with
Spectran etc and what were the results

Thanks in advance !

VY 73 ! de Chris SP7DCS

PS. It is my first step now , but my wideband 2 polariztion linrad receiver
is 50% ready now , hope to finish it next year.
Chris SP7DCS
email - sp7dcs@xxxxx
2m EME PAGE - http://sp7dcs.webpark.pl
Equipment :
4 x (21el. H + 21el. V) CROSS-YAGI
FHX 35 , MFJ-784b , Spectran
IC-746 , GS-35b