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Re: [linrad] linrad , mixer problem

Hello Chris,

Hope that following hints  will help to solve your problem :
1. Use a separate audio card for input and output:
An old  second hand audio card can do the job for the audio output.
This bypasses the problem of "disconnecting" input and output and avoids
also possible crosstalk between  input and output.
2. Set your mixers with alsa or oss mixer commands.
With these alsa or oss mixer commands it is easier  ( at least for me ) to
adapt the mixer settings that other people use to the specific cards that
are used on your system.

73, Pierre /ON5GN

> Hello !
> I am trying to prepare Linrad in audio mode. I have Red Hat Linux 9 and I
> use KDE and its mixer. I have problem with setting up mixer becouse If I
> disconnect the soundcard input from output - the signal dissappeares in
> Linrad also. If it is connected - I hear both input signal and Linrad
> signal.
> Could You help me with setting the mixer ?
> My mixer set up :
> IGAIN - both options are not selected
> OGAIN - both options are not selected
> I tried many times with different options selected but everytime I
> disconnect soundcard input from its output - the signal don't go to Linrad
> also. My soundcard is Soundblaster Live! 5.1
> VY 73 ! de Chris SP7DCS