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RE: [linrad] users_extra


I have not yet put my Delta 44 on my Linux machine but that is
"coming soon".

Can you set the Delta 44 scale as you can on the Windows Driver?

If so, you might try changing it from +4 dBu scale to the -10dBv
scale on the input.  I find that it is impossible for me to yse
the +4dBu scale on output ever.

If this can be done on the fly, then you would have at least one
easy setting to change between strong signals (+4dBu) to weak signal

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Hi, Leif,

I was going to send you an email with this question, but figured I'd ask
it here.  With my new install of 01.22 [I know I am 2 versions behind; I
will fix that this week if I have time] on my PIII [the one with the noisy
power supply, which will be replaced as soon as the new one arrives] I
find that if I click on the W3CCX beacon, which is at 60 dB signal
strength [well above the 'weak signal realm'] the signal 'blows up' and
widens markedly in frequency on the main waterfall.  It is still copyable,
but very wide on the waterfall.  If I click away from it, it goes back to
its previous narrower width.  I tried playing with the blue and red bars
at the left of the baseband graph but this didn't fix things.

I haven't used Linrad much since the ARRL EME contest last year, and my
memory is a bit dim on its nuances.  I recall that this may be expected
behaviour, and a result of using the tool in a way that is not intended,
and which doesn't make much sense [using it for very strong signals in the
weak cw mode].  Nevertheless, because I will be using it on HF where there
are much stronger signals mixed in with weaker ones once the HF module is
available, and because I'd like to be able to switch back and forth
between the weak signal portion of the band and the beacon without
changing modes, I wonder what I can do to change this behaviour.  I assume
it is due to the way I have some parameters set, but which one[s] to
change isn't immediately obvious to me.  So I figured I'd ask the question
which might be apropos to others, as well, rather than just fiddling for
an afternoon at the computer. ;)

I am using the Delta 44 for input and a SoundBlaster for output and I have
all the FFT's enabled.  It doesn't matter whether or not I have the AGC on
as regards this behaviour.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Roger Rehr