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RE: [linrad] Suse 9.1 help


Thanks very much.  It took a small search as it is on your Technical
and not your Software page.  Thanks!


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have a look to my software section on my homepage. There I describe exactly
what you want - hopefully ...

I also have ALSA running. I did not have troubles with it.

My installation procedure worked also on a DEBIAN system I recently

73 de Christoph

Am Dienstag, 7. September 2004 15:16 schrieb Robert McGwier:
> I am looking for detailed Linrad installation instructions specific to
> 9.1 (which runs the 2.6 kernel).  I am having terrible problems with my
> ALSA setup but I hope that will be alleviated when my extra Delta 44
> arrives.
> I would like to know of anyone who has gotten either the Turtle Beach
> Santa Cruz or the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 going under ALSA.  I am really
> having a hard time getting any of them to output to the left speaker.
> They do this just fine, no problems, while running alsaconf.  The first
> application I run following setup is aplay and it cannot play a simple
> stereo wav file in other than the right channel.  I am beginning to
> worr    yaboutSUSE'smodifiedalsa.
> Bob


Gruss, Greetings,

73 de Christoph Petermann

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