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Re: feedback about [linrad] users_extra

HI Leif,

>From: "Leif Åsbrink"
>Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 1:23 AM
> I have verified the operation (which I did not do before) and
> s_meter_fast_attack_slow_decay is declared properly.
> Did you run configure after creating the users_extra.c file?
> (Presumably you did, otherwise nothing would work)
> Does any of the s_meter variables work?

All s_meter variables work now.
This problem is solved . I made a silly typing error!

> The hwfreq variable is another thing. This variable is a local
> variable, I forgot to check. I have made it public in Linrad-01.25
> which I will upload within a few days.
> The severe distortion on strong signals reported by W3SZ, Roger,
> is due to a silly bug. It will also be corrected. I will wait
> a couple of days. There may be more feedback:-)

Take your time

Pierre /ON5GN