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[linrad] M-Audio Audiophile 192

In the same form factor as the Delta 44 is the new Audiophile 192.

It has 10 dB better dynamic range,  and noise floor on the inputs
than the Delta 44 and is equivalent to the near in measurements of
the Lynx L22.  In addition to this,  the 192 will support 192 Khz with
80 Khz real or 160 Khz complex(stereo) flat to 0.5 dB.

I am attempting to find out from M-Audio and OSS and alsa if Linux supports
it.  It is $199 MSRP.  I can use this card under Windows using the WDM/ASIO
driver but I would really like to have a < $200 card for Linux that had the
same narrow band numbers as Lynx L22 but does not suffer from the same
clock problems as the Lynx L22.