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[linrad] DttSDR, was: RE: Architecture of Linrad

Krzysztof Kamieniecki wrote:
> Sorry to interrupt, but what is DttSDR? Google is strangely silent.

DttSDR is a Linux suite for the SDR-1000, by Bob N4HY and 
myself. It consists of three parts, a dsp core, a hardware 
manager, and a graphical console. These are actually 
separable components communicating via Linux/Unix IPC.

The new, beta SDR1K Windows console uses a "dead-bug" 
version of this dsp core. That core has been completely 
re-engineered into a "multilayer PCB" version for the Linux 
package and is complete. (The rewrite is supposed to be 
integrated into the Windows console before the final release 
of that code.)

The hardware manager for the SDR1K is also working but in 
the process of rigorous testing.

The graphical console is moving fast and the alpha version 
should be released sometime over the next few weeks.

All of these components are GPL and will be available on