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RE: [linrad] RE: Architecture of Linrad

It will not be for long!

AB2KT and I, both readers of this group, and users of the SDR-1000, are the
authors of the DSP software in the Windows SDR-1000 console and soon to be
released suite of code for Linux (and its likely easy port to Mac's). Frank
and I
have called  it DttSDR for the suite and DttSP for the DSP base.

Frank and I formed the DttS Microwave Society some time back and this name
a play on that.

We have had a bit of fun with it to say the least.

The DttSP and some command line test code are really ready for release.
will be hosted on sourceforge.

You will be able to download from there.   GPL on all.


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Sorry to interrupt, but what is DttSDR? Google is strangely silent.

Robert McGwier wrote:
> I want to do this after the 1.0.0 SDR-1000 console for Windows comes out
> and the DttSDR code for Linux comes out soon.  Linrad contains many very
> desirable features (algorithms) and displays that we could really use
> and something besides svga would be nice.  Linrad is a wealthy lode of
> ore to be mined repeatedly!
Krzysztof Kamieniecki